Edgewood Dance's studios are closed until further notice. 

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Institute for Exceptional Human Functioning

See. Move. Be.


When we come together, 

We discover how to breathe. 

We move. We consider that our body is a thing. 

We wonder how separate our body is from us. 

We explore the personalities of inanimate objects. 

We explore the personalities of ourselves. 

We embrace. 

We give our weight. We take our weight away. 

We run and we stand still. We see movement in sound; sound in quiet; stillness in movement. We see the large in the small. We interact, question and observe. We challenge each other. We argue, because integrity depends on it. 

We make chaos, because order depends on it. 

We laugh. And then we come apart. 

To come together again.


Discover your most exceptional you.

Be the dance. Join us.




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Mathematics, Rhythm, and Dance

Date & Time TBA


In this workshop we will see how to engage students in physical problem solving using rhythmic dance and movement activities that develop their understanding of mathematical concepts.

Karl Schaffer is Co-Artistic Director of MoveSpeakSpin

He is both a mathematician and dancer/choreographer.

He and co-director Erik Stern are on the Teaching Artist Roster of the Kennedy Center.