Alessia Lovreglio

Company Manager & Senior Artist in Residence

Alessia Lovreglio Wilson is a contemporary dance maker born on the southern coast of Italy.

She performs professionally for Edgewood Dance, LLC, Sanspointe Dance Company and Birmingham’s new indie performing arts group Kudzu.  Alessia holds a Masters Degree in Performing Arts, Dance, from Université Nice Sophie Antipolis in France. She has many years experience performing original works at Operas, Dance/Art Festivals, Residencies (NY, Italy and France), Universities of Performing Arts (Prague and Montevallo), and Dance/Theatre companies in Europe and USA. In 2014, she won the Young Dance Author Prize Gd’A Puglia in Italy by Anticorpi XL Network. Most recently, she premiered her choreographic trilogy Surphases at Sarasota Dance Company’s Festival, Space One Eleven Gallery and Alabama Dance Festival. Alessia is currently an Adjunct Professor of Dance at Birmingham-Southern College.