Angela Barnhart

Sensei of Yoga

Angela welcomes students of all ages and experience who are curious about exploring movement, balance, and stillness. Her classes explore functional movement through the lens of traditional yoga practices. Although each practice incorporates traditional poses, the goal isn't to achieve a certain shape with the body, but to find ways that the body, breath, and mind move in harmony. Learning to hold a pose can help us learn to still the mind so that we can learn to sit with a difficult emotion or thought; not ruminating on it, but holding it gently in contemplative stillness. Learning to focus on the breath can give us energy or calm us down; it can help us find the internal resources for a challenging physical movement, or to listen for the whisper of inspiration, wisdom, or insight. She holds a Yoga Alliance RYT-200 certification and graduated from Sacred Glow Yoga under the teaching of Melissa Scott.