Try a Class

If you are interested in a class, but you are uncertain of the level or class type, please contact us. We are happy to arrange for you to try or observe a class.

Multi-Class Discounts

Becoming a Member offers 10% off all classes!

Monthly Unlimited Pack: $180 for unlimited classes within a 30 day period.

Buying a Class Series saves you a lot of money!  This is paying for the weekly classes that occur for the entire month in one monthly payment.  

No Registration Fees

No Contracts

Edgewood Dance does not require a registration fee. Simply register!

Edgewood Dance is unique within its registration processes. All registration occurs through our website on your very own device. You may register at any time. You may also pay for your class at any time that is convenient for you, as long as you pay within 15 days of your attendance! If you need help registering, please call or visit our facility and we will help you!

There is no contract. Most adult classes have both drop-in and monthly payment options. If you choose monthly payments, they will automatically withdraw each month. Registration and Payment occurs through your own personal portal, so you may change registration details, payment options, and methods of payment at any time through your personal portal. You may also cancel payments at any time.

When you pay for a class by month, you save money! If you pay by month, payments will automatically run each month unless you cancel your registration. You may cancel monthly payments at any time.

Late Fees

You may register and pay for a class anytime,

even after you attend!

Fees begin to accrue on your account once registration and payment is not received within 15 days of your attendance.

Late Fees are as followed:

Past due by 15 days- $10

Past due by 30 days- $20

Clients with past due accounts for more than 3 months are not permitted to return to class until the account is current.

Refund Policy

Refunds for Membership are not granted.

Refunds for the Monthly Unlimited class pack (30 days) is granted within 7 days of purchase.

Refunds for drop-in classes and monthly series payments are not granted.


If you have purchased a monthly series class and wish to no longer take the class, you are required to cancel your registration and automatic payments for the following month on your own personal portal. Automatic payments occur on the 1st of every month and cancellation must occur prior to the 1st of the month.


Clients are solely responsible for managing their automatic payments through their personal portal. Refunds for automatic payments on monthly series classes are not granted.


If you would like help canceling registration for the following month, please email or visit us and we will be happy to help!

Class Cancellations

Tuition is not prorated for classes cancelled due to inclement weather or other related incidents. Edgewood Dance follows the Homewood School System's decision regarding inclement weather. Makeup classes are not offered or permitted.

Edgewood Dance has the discretion to cancel a class for reasons outside weather and related incidents, and in such cases, accommodate clients to the best of Edgewood Dance's ability. Clients who are not accommodated with another class or sufficiently acceptable offering may have any prepaid fees refunded prior to their participation.

Class Etiquette

Please arrive 10 minutes early to prepare for class. Dressing rooms are available and dancers are encouraged to use any of the empty studio spaces for warmup prior to class.

Water bottles are encouraged. A water dispenser for refilling is available for your convenience. Electrolyte supplements in water is accepted.

Beverages other than water or water with electrolyte supplements is not allowed in the facility.


Gatorade, Propel and any other sports beverage is not allowed in the facility.


Food is not allowed anywhere in the facility.

Kindness and Respect are expected by all members, sensei (teachers), dancers and collaborators.

Edgewood Dance expects each client to have the ability to participate within an age-appropriate group setting. We reserve the right to ask a client to leave class if the client is disruptive to the class.

Dress Code

Our dress code is designed to ensure client's comfort and safety. Appropriate clothing allows for greater guidance by the Sensei (Teacher).

No street shoes are allowed in the studios. For Urban Dance classes, please bring a clean pair of shoes to wear for class that is separate from daily worn shoes.

Please consider appropriate under garments and full torso coverage for the comfort of all our clients.


Comfortable, moveable, fitted clothes with appropriate shoes for the technique.


Ballet: Solid color full fitted leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers

Yoga (Yogi's): Comfortable fitted clothing that covers the entire torso, bare feet

Urban Dance (Steez): Comfortable, moveable clothing that covers the entire torso, clean sneakers

Martial Arts (Dragons): Comfortable, moveable clothing that covers the entire torso, bare feet



Consistent attendance is important for every dancer at every age or ability level.

Poor attendance will prevent dancers from improving, progressing and participating in self-discovery.

Caring for Our Floors

Edgewood Dance's studios are all equipped with specially designed Harlequin Floors. Please make every effort to care or our floors:

  • Remove daily shoes before entering a dance studio.

  • Do not carry heavy furniture onto the dance floor.

  • Ask for help with installing set designs or equipment that you use during your rehearsals.

  • Never drag equipment, furniture or personal items across the surface of the floors.

  • Keep water bottles tightly capped to avoid spills.

  • Do not store personal belongings on the dance floors. Please keep belongings in the areas surrounding the dance floor or in the storage cubbies beside the dressing rooms.     



Dancer Safety

We request that all children, youth and teens wait inside our facility for pickup. Parking is extremely accessible for guardians very near the facility at the Lilac and Azalea parking lots, or directly in front of the main entrance glass doors of the mall for quick pick-up.

Terms & Conditions

Registration requires that you accept Edgewood Dance's Waiver of Liability, which you may read at the time of registration. By agreeing to the terms and conditions of this waiver, you are also consenting to the policies listed above, as well as consenting to Edgewood Dance's promotional use of any photo or video taken of you while participating in Edgewood Dance's programs.


If you wish not to have your photo or video used for promotional purposes, please email us at