Laura Gadilhe DeCastra

Sensei of Yoga

Laura believes we all have something special to offer to the world.  She wants to help others find their voice through the healing benefits of yoga.  She sees the transformation yoga can have for all ages and abilities. Laura imagines a world where ALL are comfortable to share their talents and true selves with the world.  


Laura is a natural born teacher from Birmingham, AL.  Teaching is in her blood as most of her family members and siblings are either a school teacher, a yoga instructor, a college professor, or a personal trainer. Before college she worked for seven years as a nanny, tutor, and babysitter at several schools and summer programs in Florence, Al and Birmingham, Al.  In 2013 Laura graduated from the University of North Alabama with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education with a Pre-School Certification. Since then she created and has taught the Pre-K program at St. Rose Academy in Birmingham, AL for the past five years.  


Laura was bullied most of her life and it led her to believe she didn’t have a voice.  She had always gotten the feeling of what yoga could bring, but she truly noticed her voice awakening during yoga teacher training at Villager Yoga.  During her training she witnessed it happening for others as well. In November 2018, Laura completed her RYT 200 Hour Yoga Certification through Sacred Glow Yoga in Birmingham, AL along with a Kids Yoga Certification through YogaEd.  She began teaching a kid’s yoga class in August 2018 at Villager Yoga Studio focusing on social and emotional management. She has been a presenter at Teach Your Heart Out Conference and in July 2019 she is presenting at the National SDE Conference in Las Vegas.  She believes that kids are more in tune with their intuition making it easier for them to grasp and use yoga to create relaxation. Laura strongly believes that the earlier we learn these yoga tools, the more likely we will carry them into adulthood. She wants to share this knowledge not only with children, but also with adults, teens, and schools all over the world so that we can grow each day knowing how to handle our emotions, speaking our voice in a confident manner, and knowing exactly who we want to be.  


No matter what style of yoga Laura is teaching, she will create a safe place for you to be you.  We are all on this journey of life together. Together we can share and listen to each other and allow space for all to shine.