Meet Our Sensei 

We are all Sensei (sen-sāy) to our students. 

This is the Japanese word for “the one who comes before”.

We use it because much of the techniques we teach derive from Japanese art forms,

but we more so use it to unite us in our mission as teachers. 


Sensei is a term of respect for teachers and professionals. 

Yet, it is more than that.

The use of “sensei” distinguishes the art from the person. 

It is the art that teaches, and we are the guides.

Sensei allows for the knowledge of our students to thrive and play a part in the learning.

Thus, as Sensei, we are vehicles for the teaching, rather than the teaching itself.

Heidi Nicole Stoeckley


Alessia Lovreglio

Mollie Erickson


Stephanie Murphy


Angela Barnhart


Laura Gadilhe DeCastra