Mollie Erickson

Director of Community Engagement & Yoga Programs

Mollie Erickson is a woman, daughter, sister, mother, friend, advocate and encourager. She believes that every person, regardless of body type, age, or fitness level, can experience the rich blessings of a yoga practice.  Her classes are intentionally welcoming for persons at every stage of their practice, and are judgment free.


She completed her RYT 200 hour certification in Core Strength Vinyasa under the guidance of Melissa Scott of Sacred Glow Yoga.  Come prepared for a creative mix of Hatha-Based flow that will challenge and embrace you right where you are.


She studied at Homewood High School, a brief stint at Birmingham-Southern College, and then graduated from Emory University. It took all that studying to learn that Success looks like Sitting Still, Listening, Managing Waste, Planting a Garden, and Always Choosing Kind Words.


Her email and cell phone are public knowledge to You because she is seriously serious when she says, types and posts that she wants to know you people. 

Each one of you. 

Mollie has a million causes she would love to tell you about, and several ideas for saving the world.  She is married to Brian, and they have three amazing children (15, 14 and 8).

Namaste, y’all.