Dear Friends,


This uneasy time offers a unique perspective for us at Edgewood Dance.  Our colleagues across the world are taking to Zoom and offering some of the most exciting opportunities never before realized in the global dance community.  Likewise, Edgewood Dance is taking to the “online world”.  We know how valuable it is for our students to have regular access to our local Sensei and to keep training.  For all ages and abilities, consistency in training is essential for progress, and we are here for you in a number of creative and exciting ways!  


For our current students, thank you for taking part in our online classes this week and keeping to our regular schedule!  Moving forward, our prices for classes will reduce by 50%!  We will change your autopayments to the new lower rate for April 1 payments.  Please notify us if you would like to make other arrangements. 


For those of you who are new to Edgewood Dance and would like to register for online classes with us, you may register here. Online classes are 50% off from our regular prices! 


Please view our new class schedule here!   


Additionally, we understand that this new way of being doesn’t always sync with our own schedule.  So, our Sensei have worked very hard to bring you video tutorials that you can practice along with at your convenience.  New videos will become available March 31 and each week thereafter, for as long as required.   And the best part… stay connected with your local Sensei by uploading a video of your practice on our website!  Our Sensei will observe and email you direct feedback.  


Finally, if you just need to get some sillies out, enter our “Silly Dance” Contest by creating a 1-3 minute dance video and submitting it here!  Winner gets a gift card to a local small business and will be announced April 5, 2020. 


Above all, stay active, engaged and curious.  Go gently, move wisely and breathe deeply. Please let us know if there is anything further we can do for you!



Sensei Heidi, Sensei Therese, Sensei Alessia & Sensei Stephanie