Edgewood Dance

Institute for Exceptional Human Functioning


Edgewood Dance unites the dance community in artistic research and professional development. We serve as a certified academy for adults at any level of experience and dedicated youth seeking interdisciplinary studies.  We are a presenter for artists of all disciplines, a residency for dance artists, and a research library for dance enthusiasts.

We are a dance institute that supports interdisciplinary collaborations, the creation of new work and professional development through its membership program. 


 Our dance programs are derived from a practice developed by

founder and owner 

Heidi Nicole Stoeckley


Exceptional Human Functioning by Study of Dance (EHF Dance).


EHF Dance integrates the disciplines of Cecchetti Ballet, Martha Graham Technique, Yoga, Japanese Butoh and Aikido Martial Arts.


Researching ways of teaching, creating movement and performing that offers the most direct route for self-awareness, self-expression and artistry.

Edgewood Dance's intention is to continue the process of research towards EHF Dance by opening the door to others with similar pursuits and build collective knowledge.


The institute embodies artistic excellence, nurtures acceptance and engages multicultural and interdisciplinary collaborations through its programs.

The practice of EHF Dance ultimately uses mindful intention to discover and manifest authentic expression, joy of learning and mastery in performance


Edgewood Dance offers a dance research and resource center (including two 170-square foot rehearsal spaces), 1,100-square-foot dance space with sprung floor, gallery and retail shop, and access to multiple traditional and site specific performance venues.