True Grace by Dance Companies in an Unsteady Time

Dance is inevitably about human connection. So when Social Distancing became the world's reality, Dance could have easily dropped out of the game. But it didn't. In fact, extraordinary dancers from all over the world showed their true grace. Remarkably, and perhaps faster than any other industry (outside the tech one!), the dance industry built a boat and sailed the choppy waters as if that's where it always lived. It's not surprising when you consider that a dancer's work is in finding balance in the most extreme of physical conditions... seemingly, the skill translates to navigating life's extremes, as well.

Please find an unbelievable amount of resources the greatest dancers and dance companies of our time have made available online to the world in just the last few weeks. They are creating human connection, taking an unprecedented leap into online artistry and making things available to us that only a few weeks ago would have been unthinkable.


For a comprehensive list of dance available online, see Dance Magazine's publication:

For a Dance Teachers Resource, see

My Online Dance Teacher

Studio owners can sign up to send free videos to their students through My Online Dance Teacher. New content is added every week.

Edgewood Dance's Sensei Alessia also did some amazing research of the following companies and dancers making virtual offers through their websites and social media pages:

Terpsikon by Christine Dakin :

A Visual Online Dictionary of Martha Graham Dance Technique

NDT Nederlands Dans Theatre

Gaga classes on line

Rosas by Anne Therese de Keersmaker


Jacobs pillow

Jacob Jonas The company

Merce Cunningham

Live on Instagram

Dance magazine

National Endowment for the Arts

Dance USA

Dance NYC

Capacity interactive

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